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I’m Back!

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No, I really haven’t been anywhere.  Just busy and on my other blog most of the time . . .  and work has been nuts.  It’s cool though.

We had some visitors from NYC the other week.  Friends of ours that we knew when we lived there.  They have 2 boys and live in a 2 bedroom apartment on lower 5th avenue.  The apartment is prob. worth over $1M.  It’s not huge, decent by New York standards.  They came to our house for dinner and to visit and totally lost their shit over our house–in a good way, but it was funny.  I am still sort of freaked out by how big our house is compared to every other place we have ever lived but for folks from NYC it must seem palatial- then add on to that the comparatively low housing cost, and the pool and the hot tub . . . it probably does seem kind of crazy.

We are about to celebrate 2 birthdays next week.  Precious Perfect will be three and Baby Dude will be 1.  Little Dude is now almost 7. Yikes.  Hard to believe we have been here that long already.  Oh yeah- almost forgot, we joined the ranks of uber vehicle owners.  I resisted as long as I could but Hubs overruled me.  We traded in my adorable Audi for a big freaking suv with a third row.  It’s inaugural voyage was a drive to DisneyWorld in July for the marathon weekend.  You know, not bad.  I mean it is a nice car but jeezus it is large.  So now I guess we are like everyone else here.  At least in that respect.

Oh, and least I forget– it’s wildflower season here again.  Or as I like to call it, Hell.  You know wildflowers are protected so you can’t mow them.  All over the place there are giant [weed] patches that won’t see a mower until at least the end of May.  You can only imagine the amount of pollen and what not in the air.  And of course this includes those stupid blue bonnets.  I guess they aren’t stupid just the reaction to them from everyone is stupid.  You’ll be cruising down the road and all of a sudden here is some family on the side of the road trying to take pictures of their kids in a patch of blue bonnets.  Super idea- let’s have the little kids loose next to a busy road!  Awesome.  Precious Perfect can’t really pronounce a B so it sounds like she is saying “look at the vomits”.  It’s awesome.

So during the non-mowing season I have to make sure to take claritin everyday, use the neti pot and take the nose spray to keep my head from clogging and exploding.  Good times.  It’s actually not as bad as the first year though.    Knock on wood.

That’s about that.



Texas Can’t Make Grilled Cheese

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So who cares about that? Me. I love grilled cheese. I love melted Velveeta on buttery grilled bread. My favorite when I was a kid, gilled cheese with bologna. don’t hate until you’ve tried it. throw the Oscar Meyer on the griddle for a few seconds then add it to the sandwich and fire it up. Yum. for real.

So what is the problem with grilled cheese in Texas? Thus far none of the sandwiches I have ordered from a variety of places has been what I consider grilled cheese. It’s all toasted cheese. And seriously people, toasted doesn’t cut it. what’s the point? without the crispy buttered bread there is no point to eating this. melted cheese on toast is not the same. Even when I have ordered from a deli WITH a giant ass griddle/grill they slap my sandwich in the panini machine. Gross. and NOT grilled cheese. Is non-buttered and grilled bread still technically grilled cheese? is toasted an option? According to Wikipedia it is. According to me it is not. I’m contemplating editing that wiki entry. Grilled cheese implies grilling. Otherwise it is toasted cheese sandwich, which is an entirely different species. not to mention not even nearly as good. I may be forced to open my own shop that makes grilled cheese.

I’ve never had this problem anywhere else I have lived. Not NYC, not D.C., not Tulsa, OK. definitely not Tulsa, OK (shout out to Queenie’s). Step up Texas. Your lack of grilled cheese is unacceptable!