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4th of July

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Guess what I got on the 4th at the waterfront festival in The Woodlands?  A beer koozy y’all!  You cannot make this stuff up.


Sidenote–also had some freaking fantastic popcorn from DocPop or something.  These people could not make it fast enough.  I need to look that up and find out how to get more.

“Stay Classy San Diego”

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When we moved in one of our issues was the lack of toilet paper holders in half the bathrooms including the half bath downstairs.  We had seen other homes when we were looking that didn’t have toilet paper holders on the walls so we thought maybe it was just a common thing here.  Folks seemed to have the freestanding kind so we thought it had something to with that as a trend or whatever.  We happened to be flipping through some pictures I had taken of the house during the inspection.  In one photo was the half bath–with a toilet paper holder attached to the wall.  The Sellers took it with them when they moved.  I am so totally annoyed by that even though I am just now discovering it.  Just add it to the long of list of other items they took or swapped out that were not included on the list of exclusions.  They took some window shades and curtain rods that were not among the things they claimed were not staying.  The items we were aware of were some antique light fixtures and custom curtains they had.

Who does that?  I thought once we had the closing I wouldn’t be bothered with them any more but their bad behavior is continuing to plague me it seems.  Wherever you are Mr. and Mrs. Seller–I hope when you buy your next home you get it back in spades.  You’re really classless.

So far so good

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While I am at times self conscious of the size of our Texas house when compared to the normal size of the VA house, I must admit that I really really love this house.  It is nice to have a bedroom that a king bed actually fits in and it is really nice to have a closet that I can put all my stuff in vs. swapping out seasonal things with whatever is in the attic, so yay for everything being bigger in Texas!  Bonus, housing is cheaper here too.

Son and Daughter are both at same daycare/preschool and seem to be doing well.  Dad can’t seem to get Son there on time in the morning but I’m not touching that.  If Son left with me in the morning he would have to get up at 6:00 and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  He is not a morning person.  Daughter on the other hand is quite pleasant early morning and very accommodating about getting dressed and having bottles at daycare if she is not up early enough to have one at home first.  She seems to have made all the ladies there big fans.

One observation:  I think we are the only family without a giant white SUV or truck.  Even the relatives in Dallas have one.  What is the deal with that?  I have never seen a) so many white vehicles in general and b) so many GIANT white trucks.  It’s like everyone bought a car from a rental company.

Also- have not met all the neighbors yet.  Don’t even see them actually.  Where are they all weekend and at night?  When do they leave for work?  I have met one family at the end of the street.  The mom seemed disappointed to hear that I work.  She works in the home.  Her daughter who is almost 4 has her own little motorized golf cart that she drives to take her brother to the bus stop in the morning.  It is both somewhat frightening and hilarious.

This weekend- we will be lounging in the outdoor patio watching football on the new tv.  I will say the cable is way better here and thank goodness we are back where people like football.  There is all the football we could every want Friday night – Monday night on the TeeVee and it is awesome.  Maybe Son will stop calling it baseball now.


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5 days until closing and loan is not nailed down yet.  Panic is setting in.  Getting a mortage post economic melt down stinks.  Way too much stress for me and productivity at work is at an all time low due to all the time I spend harassing the mortgage guy for answers and emailing him and his flunkies for various things.

On a good note Husband and Son made it to Oklahoma . . . but then took off again 2 days later for Yellowstone.    Sad note, because of the closing next Monday I won’t be going to parents’ this weekend so will go two whole weeks without Baby.  I think I’ve hit the tipping point on stress related to this move.  Cannot WAIT for it all to be over.

That is  all.


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So, it seems the sellers of the house we have a contract on are not in agreement to moving.  The wife we have heard does not want to move and is mad they are selling the house.  It has been on the market for over a year–plenty of time for a normal person to come to terms with moving.  At the inspection they both stayed in the house the ENTIRE time and the wife kept yelling at the husband to follow us around so we don’t touch anything and don’t touch her antiques (as if).  She was so rude while we were there and acted like a spoiled 16 year old having a fit rather than a grown woman.  It was embarrassing on her part and super annoying for me to experience.

Anyway- we got back a lengthy inspection report that included pool items and pest report (squirrels in the attic).  Nothing major but it was a lot of little things.  Out of all this we decided to only ask for like 5 things, have 2 appliances looked at, have the pool heater looked at and make some minor repairs to like 2 sprinkler heads.  We sent the amendment on Friday last week.  Wednesday were told that the Sellers were going to agree to everything we asked for.  After we didn’t get the signed amendment back for a day and a half our agent called and tore into the other agent.  Here is the latest deal:

I just heard from the listing agent after I placed a really strong call to his office.  He called the Sellers to see where the amendment was and overheard a heated, loud argument going on between the wife and her husband.  She did not want to sign the amendment because she feels she sold the house for less than what she wanted.  The agent has asked them to “x” out the whole amendment and say that the house is going to be sold “as is”.  The agent, [x] is giving us a letter where he is agreeing to do all the repairs you requested to get the house sold.

Seriously, could she be more uncooperative?  a) your house is only worth what the market will bear. Sorry to break it to you but yours was overpriced, but we gave you a more than fair offer and b) you TOOK it.  get over yourself and get with the program.

Husband is not even confident that she will come to the closing and behave herself.  But it’s Texas so aren’t we allowed to just shoot people that annoy us?

For fun, here is a photo of a creepy doll Mrs. Seller had out in one of the bedrooms–the one that wasn’t full of creepy dolls:Creepy, right?  It’s like that Seinfeld episode.

All I can say is thank goodness the other agent has half a brain and knows these people are insane.  We’ll see where that gets us.