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4th of July

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Guess what I got on the 4th at the waterfront festival in The Woodlands?  A beer koozy y’all!  You cannot make this stuff up.


Sidenote–also had some freaking fantastic popcorn from DocPop or something.  These people could not make it fast enough.  I need to look that up and find out how to get more.

Ode to Bo

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We had to put one of our dogs down on Monday.  That was a total bummer.  In 2003 we rescued 2 mini schnauzers from a family that was “too busy” to have and love pets.  Blythefield’s Bodacious Surprise was underweight at 18 pounds and his sister looked like a potbelly pig from double helpings of kibble.  From the first he was a handsome polite man and seemed to settle right into our home.  He loved sitting on the couch with you and at night he and sister would sleep on the bed.  We got his weight up to 21 pounds which filled him out beautifully.  Bo was renamed Boomer and I was in love.  He was tall for a mini and I was often asked if he was a standard Schnauzer.  Bo was a lovely silver and white, kept his beard clean and was pretty tidy.  He was scared of thunderstorms and car washes and would try to hide behind the toilet if it thundered.

When we/he lost his sister in 2008 he stopped barking and would no longer sleep in the bed with us.  He couldn’t go up stairs without difficulty and was diagnosed with arthritis.  A few months later we got a new pup to keep him company.  That helped his lethargy some but he was never the same.  In 2010 we moved him to Houston with the rest of the family and he seemed to improve.  Running outside and playing with the pup (who is now almost 3) and actually preferring to lay out in the sun rather than come in.  He always enjoyed a nap in the yard in the sun.  The hotter the better.

This winter he started wandering around the house endlessly like he was looking for something.  Took to sleeping in the closet but then every night at 2 a.m. would get up and pace.   Otherwise he seemed fine, just was getting skinny and the vet thought he might have Cushings.  He got worms somehow, they were treated and then a couple of weeks ago I noticed bones sticking out everywhere on him.  Spine, hips, ribs all stuck out.  His weight had dropped to 15 pounds and he had a very slow heart rate.  His heart murmur, common in schnauzers, had increased to about a 5 from a 2.  Bloodwork showed he had a very stressed liver, kidneys and something not right with his pancreas.  His lethargy returned.  He ate everything in site but couldn’t gain weight.  The vet suspected heart disease and cancer.  We could keep testing to find out exactly what was wrong but to what end?

After a long discussion with the vet and Husband we decided it was time for the old man to move on and be with his sister.  Monday afternoon I held his scrawny body in my arms as he went to sleep and his heart slowed and beat its last beats.  He’ll be cremated and come back home to us.  The pup seems ok but he knows someone is missing from the yard.   Bo Bo, you were a good boy and we’ll sorely miss you.

Elvis has left the building . . .

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Since I left home in 1996 to move to NYC this is the 4th time we have moved and possibly the most stressful.  I think the other times were less so b/c we did it ourselves and I was a bit more clueless.  This move involved 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat, exponentially much more stuff and 2 cars.

First hiccup on Monday of week we were to leave was with the dogs.  Rain in Houston meant that the pups would miss their connecting flight to Tulsa in Houston-possibly.  However, since the connecting flight was 4 hours after the flight to Houston the airline could not predict at the time if it was late or not so it just assumed the dogs would miss the flight which meant they had to be rescheduled or set up in the kennel in Houston.  Trying to avoid the kennel fee I opted to rebook and do the same drill the next day, Tues.  Houston weather had not improved much by 4pm the next day so I just went ahead and booked the kennel with the caveat that IF the connecting flight was delayed and the dogs could get on it DO NOT kennel them and put them on that flight.  Guess what?  No one read the instructions and the dogs were taken OFF the same plane that was going to Tulsa and put in the kennel.  Wed. they had to sit around in the kennel all day waiting for the flight to Tulsa at 9:30.  Result– instead of getting to Tulsa 2 days before me the dogs arrived 9 hours AFTER me.  Only good thing out of it was I got to go get them at the airport and see them.

Second hitch:  After movers arrived to start packing it came out on second day of packing that no one had any intention of getting all of our stuff out of the attic and somehow we were expected to get it all down.  Granted we got it up there but seriously what is the benefit of movers if they won’t move all the stuff that you don’t want to deal with?  What exactly is my company paying for if the movers won’t move everything?  This nonsense coincided with the dog fiasco just to make it more interesting.  After several dead end calls to the local company asking about getting guys up in the attic I finally got a call from the booker in Canada who said we had been told we had to get it all down ourselves end of story.  If we had been told this it was by no means said in explicit terms to give anyone the impression that we had to do it ourselves.  After much pointless argument I had to resort to yelling and cursing.  Got a call back later letting me know that attic would get cleared out by movers.  Next day, Husband calls to say that in fact movers still refused to go up there and he ended up pitching everything down to them.  Disappointing.

Lots of other little things happened that I won’t bore anyone about.  Gram, Baby and I left Wed. morning on schedule.  Guys packed truck all day and finished at 1 a.m. and pulled away Thursday afternoon.  Now the other half of my family are somewhere in Tennessee touring Civil War battlefields on the way to Tulsa (and taking their sweet time).  Today, I am back in Houston at work and Baby is back with Gram.  I am more than ready to be settled in the new house already.