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4th of July

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Guess what I got on the 4th at the waterfront festival in The Woodlands?  A beer koozy y’all!  You cannot make this stuff up.


Sidenote–also had some freaking fantastic popcorn from DocPop or something.  These people could not make it fast enough.  I need to look that up and find out how to get more.

Random observations

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I’ve said this before, but there are a LOT of pickup trucks and gigantic SUVs here.

Most of the cars and trucks are white.

They have Go Texan Day

My office celebrates the rodeo being in town and has associated work activities; I entered a chili cook off for the first time ever.

My son’s school picture back drop was a bale of hay draped with the Texas state flag.

At the grocery store the espresso from Italy is with the imported ethnic foods and not the coffee. (?)

You can’t have wine shipped into the state.  (Boo)

You can buy and grow olive trees here.  (!)

Too many things come in the shape of Texas: waffles, chips, cutting boards, steak brands, waffle irons.

I am now a homemade tortilla snob.


Food, con’t.

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Bonus of living in Houston, Texas:  BBQ joints EVERYWHERE.

All about the Food

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The Woodlands is vaguely Stepford.  As Husband likes to say, living there is being in “the Bubble”.  The description is more or less true.  while on the one hand I appreciate that about it, uniformity and trees and clean and plants etc etc. . . all the uber planning has definitely left The Woo with a real lack of funk.  And I like funk.  There seem to be some local restaurants scattered throughout all the village strip malls but no real joints.  No food trucks or grease trucks as we called them in college.  My sister in law asked if we had found a good taqueria yet.  Uh, no.  There don’t seem to be any, at least in the Bubble there are not.  I’m sure part of it is just being new.  So far the only taqueria I have seen is a local chain outpost, Taqueria Arandas that sponsors the traffic reports, off the service road along I-45.  Maybe it’s good.  Who knows.  I do know it is a little too far outside the Bubble to venture to on a regular basis.  I’d say it would be a good 25-30 minute drive.  I have to know something will be spectacular before I make that commitment.

I probably should have prefaced this post with the statement that I like food.  I like it a lot.  Just finished reading a blog post about a Halal taco truck here in Houston that I am now dying to try.  It also make me wonder why there are no taco trucks anywhere in the Bubble.  Or immediately outside either as far as I can tell.  How do you even go about looking up taco trucks?  I do follow a cupcake truck on Twitter, but that’s downtown.  Not in The Woo (obscure reference to Malibu’s Most Wanted.  Have you seen it?  It really is funny).

All the Mexican food in the Woodlands seems to be monopolized by a chain called Rico’s.  It’s serviceable but not that great.  I want someplace saucy and weird.  A little dirty on the inside.  Those places always seem to have good food.  Nothing like that though would be in the Bubble.  It’s too pretty.  I guess that means I will have to start making my own.  I don’t typically cook Mexican food, but I’m up for it.  I’ll keep you posted.