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A little about me and my brood.

A little about me and my brood.

This is the page where I am supposed to write “About Me”.  Um, ok.  I’m a happily married gal with 2 3 kids (plus one on the way as of 2011), 2 1 2 dogs (RIP Bo 4-2011; welcome Argos 3-2018!) and a cat (RIP Contessa 6-2015) currently living in Alexandria, VA and working in Houston, TX.  At the end of July 2010, my family moved to Texas so I  we can go home every night and be with our family at a reasonable hour.  My husband has his own career, but he is awesome and has agreed to try a lifestyle change and move to Texas .  We’ll be closer to our extended family, get a bigger house for less money, and I can leave work at 5:00 without feeling guilty.  What’s not to love?  Oh yeah, over the top conservative politics,  Bible beaters, and some really nice sexist gender stereotyping.  But we’ll give it a chance and see how it goes (2018: so far so good!  8 years in and loving it).  I mean we are from this part of the world so it’s not totally foreign.

This blog is where I unload about moving and making the adjustment from East Coast culture to doing things Texas-style.


Oh I know what you are asking:  Who/what the F is a Yodi?   Yodi is short for  Yodiwiltac; my Star Wars name.  That’s right,  I am also a dork.
P.P.S.  May 10, 2011  Full time in The Woodlands now where men are Men and women only go out in full hair and make up, tans, and with their boobs out.

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