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Hello, Again, Hello

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Hello, Again, Hello

What? Has it really been 5 years since I last wrote on this thing?  Apparently so!  I say that as though someone other than me reads this blog.  hahaha.  Let’s see what has happened in the intervening time since the last post:

Got a new job, got laid off, took time off, got a new job, got laid off again.  Got another new job-this one 20 minutes from home!  But moving downtown in 4 months.  It’s all good though.  Downtown and I are cool with eachother.

The oldest kid, Dr. Spock, has graduated from 6th grade and embarks on Jr high adventures in the fall (OMG freaking out!)  plays piano, cello, competitively fences in epee, can do math (prob what I am most proud of); Precious Perfect has not changed, only ramped up the style and drama.  She is, as Grandma Mazur would say, a pip, cheerleading clinics, tumbling, fencing, piano, fashion and wannabe YouTube vlogger; No. 3 just graduated from kindergarten and we are more or less just thrilled he can read.  Sort of kidding.  Plays baseball, left-handed, has a wicked temper (picture Anger from Inside Out movie) and insists on only wearing “athletic clothes” at all times, doesn’t do pajamas.  Here they are:

so cute, yes?!

At the moment I am working with Mr. Neal to plan a China trip for extended family and some friends over Thanksgiving this year.  Wish us luck because that will be cookoo I suspect.  It’s been 8 years since our move and I think that marks this as the longest we have lived in one place (not to mention the same house).  Clearly it agrees with us despite certain challenges like my continual discovery that literally NO ONE in this town can properly make grilled cheese, and it takes 2-3 high school kids now to get my kids all the places they need to go after school.  That is not an exaggeration (the grilled cheese or the helpers).  The mad love for Texas that the schools teach is also a little unnerving, but we are learning to ignore than and make sure the kids know despite what school says Texas is not in fact the be all and end all (but you did not hear that from me).  Go Texas!

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Mom of 3 working in energy biz. Kicking butt and taking names! Besides acting COO of Neal Family Inc., currently organizing family trip to Shanghai Disneyland and Beijing for 14 friends and family. Leave your comments and suggestions!

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