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It’s been a while hasn’t it?  But then I have been busy with work and coordinating the activities of the other people I live with.  I guess that is no excuse.


Little Dude started first grade end of August.  He has a workbook now called “Texas Math”.  Say wha?  Does that mean math in Texas is somehow different than the rest of the world?  Why does Texas always have to make it about them?

Election season here is better than I thought it would be though.  Primary reason for this is because the majority of people I work with everyday are not born and bred Texans but are transplants from more moderate political climes.  And of course being who we are we don’t talk to our neighbors so if there is any Pres. Obama hatred we don’t know about it which is just fine with me.  it would only make me hate the neighbors.  Biggest frustrations of the moment are Facebook and being secretly (or not) worried that my mother is being inundated with right wing nonsense in her email from her friends and she is voting for Mitt without really even considering what that would mean.  I say secretly b/c she refuses to discuss it with me so I don’t actually know that any of this is going on.  it is just a guess and something I feel in my bones.  But seriously, cannot you not take 5 minutes on the internet to find out if something is true or not?  and maybe she does but persisting in her GOPness anyway.  I like to think my Mother is smarter than some of these other ding dongs that just parrot what they hear on Fox no matter how skewed and inaccurate.  Maybe she’s not?  Maybe that is just her world view and she is sticking with it.  As far as Facebook goes, having some serious internal debates about defriending some people for exactly that– not fact checking and harshing on Obama.  I mean, harsh all you want just make sure it’s ACCURATE. Don’t buy in to this misrepresentation about the Affordable Care Act, don’t get fooled by some video of Obama being a diplomat and visiting a mosque while on a Middle East state visit (by claiming he’s secretly Muslim), and critically think about the logic of that insane 2016 movie.  His world view was shaped by a dad he saw twice in his life? the last time at age 10?  You buy that, really?  No surprise of course that that movie is showing here at our local theater either by the way.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with people voting for whomever.  It just makes me feel better to think that it’s for an actual philosophical reason other than the candidate is “not President Obama”.  Otherwise, it’s just too depressing.


That is all!


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