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The Buc-ees Phenomenon . . .

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Our family drives a lot.  Mostly up and down 1-45 to Dallas to visit family but also to other places in and out of Texas.  If you’re driving in Texas chances are you will run across a Buc-ees.   If you decide not to stop that is to your own detriment.  Buc-ees is AWEsome.  I’m not above being wowed by a rest stop/convenience store/gas station/deli/bakery/gift shop.  I wish I had thought to take some pictures to post to capture the flavor.  If Buc-ees doesn’t encapsulate the whole Texas “bigger is better” vibe then nothing does.

First, they have ginormous signs.  Of a beaver.  Who knew Texas had Beavers?  Maybe they don’t, but Buc-ees does.  Second, you have probably never seen a bigger highway gas station.  In fact, I’m pretty confident you haven’t.  Mostly b/c I haven’t and I have driven through a lot of highway gas stations.  Next- the store part of this little venture is huge and they sell EVERYTHING.  They have a fresh deli counter, they make candy, they make beef jerky for chrissakes.  they have a bakery, they have about 4 fountain drink stations, they have computer order stations for all the respective counters.  They sell BBQs, hats, knives, homemade preserves and spice kits, and cutting boards in the shape of Texas.  They have their own branded merchandise.  High school kids think it’s cool to buy Buc-ees boxers and a t-shirt when they go on school trips.  They have BEAVER NUGGETS.  Initially I thought these were like chicken nuggets made out of beaver.  They are not (thanks goodness.  How gross would that be?)  Beaver Nuggets are puffed corn in a caramel coating like crunch-n-munch.  Only way way WAY better and more addictive.

I haven’t even gotten to the bathrooms yet.  I can’t vouch for the men’s room although I have heard it is impressive in its own way.  The ladies’ room is a labyrinth of toilet stalls so big that an employee is generally stationed in the middle to direct customers to open toilets.  No matter what time of day it is there is always a line.  Sometimes the line is people actually waiting to use a stall (b/c the employee is not there directing traffic) or it’s a line of women and girls standing around looking dazed b/c they don’t know where to go or can’t get over the size of the bathroom.   Can’t say that I blame them.  The first time you experience Buc-ees it is a little stunning.  It is mandatory to stop there and eat/pee/fill up.  Come to think of it there has maybe only been one time when we took a trip that went by a Buc-ees and we didn’t stop.  Everyone must have been asleep or something.  Can’t imagine why we didn’t pull in . . .


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  1. Buc-ees is as Texan as old Glory is American. We are proud of the organization and their clean-cut, hospitable employees. May they bloom and grow….forever!!


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