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Is that even how you spell that?  I’m talking about soda can koozies, beer koozies, whatever those neoprene/foam things that you put on your drinks so they don’t sweat.  That is like the official tchotchke of Texas (I guess here it’s a “doo dad” and not a tchotchke.)  If anyone gives anything away for free, chances are it will be a beer koozy with company name on it.  Hell, my own company gave them out last March for Rodeo (yes, that’s proper noun Rodeo as an event not to be confused with just regular rodeo).  Being from Oklahoma the only time I recall ever seeing the koozies broken out was when we went to the lake and for whatever reason were on a boat.  Boats on the lake = koozy.  No idea why.  Now and then one of your hickier friends will have his own personal one for his beer when you go over to his house for a backyard BBQ.  But you don’t get one, you have to bring your own.  Otherwise, I never really noticed the koozy much growing up.  East Coast, the koozy is UNHEARD of.  And I mean it.  Does not exist.  I should prob. qualify that to northern east coast so like Northern VA on up.  I can’t speak for south eastern US but somehow I feel eerily confident that they have lots of koozies there too.

So since moving here we have amassed a collection of about 6-7 koozies without buying a single one.  All you do is show up at any local event and you can score some.  Arbor Day, koozies.  Soccer camp, koozies.  Dentist, koozies.  Work, koozies.  Disclaimer on my part, we do use them when we drink bottles of beer in our hot tub.  That’s right, I just used beer and hot tub in the same sentence.  We’re not gettin’ above our raisings.  We use the koozies.  It just cracks me up how getting a beer koozy is almost like taking a toothpick on your way out of a restaurant.  Wait, what? that is hicky too?  Like I said . . .

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Mom of 3 working in energy biz. Kicking butt and taking names! Besides acting COO of Neal Family Inc., currently organizing family trip to Shanghai Disneyland and Beijing for 14 friends and family. Leave your comments and suggestions!

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