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The Bitch Is Back . . .

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Someone once told me years ago that they thought of me when they heard that song.  Nice.  Although now I don’t mind.  Back then, not so much.


So- back at work which is nice if not tiring.  I could really use a nap in the afternoons.  And of course the minute I get around other people and more germs, boom. I’m knocked out with a bad cold and have to take a sick day starting in week two (which is this week).

Adjustments with Babymeister:  Little Sister (2) is still periodically insisting that Mama “put baby in the bed” or “put the baby down” and “come with me”.  Mostly recently this happened this morning when she wanted to go upstairs to get Big Brother out of bed.  Since going back to work my mom has been here to handle baby management which has been nice but that all ends this weekend.  Starting next Monday I have to figure out how to get all three kids ready and out the door, not to mention The Dude who is moderately incapable of waking up in the morning in a timely fashion.  Pretty much no one should expect me at the office before 8:30 for the rest of the summer.  At least once school starts we have to leave the house or Brother will miss the bus.

Sister’s Terrible Twos are in some ways better and in some ways worse than a few months ago.  Worse in that she insists on carrying a ton of crap to daycare with her in the morning.  Yesterday it was a bikini top (the “kini”), a blanket, an apron I just got as a birthday gift, a sippy cup and a binky.  I was able to get binky and sippy cup back out the door with me.  Today it was the apron and flip flops.  Remind me to not buy her any more shoes that she cannot also wear to daycare.  Said apron she has also been wearing as soon as she gets home every evening, and that would be without clothes.  Just a diaper if we are lucky.  She also then wears this apron to bed and every morning I have to negotiate it off so she can put real clothes on and then carry the apron to school.  Sigh. It’s exhausting.  On the other hand she is speaking more in complete sentences and what she says is pretty darn funny.  She did a very diva “no pictures mommy” when I tried to get a  photo of her in the apron and also told her grandmother, “stop it” when she took her picture as well.  She also insists on putting clothes on herself and the resulting combinations are often amusing.  Among my favorites are her knit hat with anything and her bikini top with pajama bottoms and no underwear.  Another favorite is when she layers about 4-5 pairs of panties on over a pull-up diaper.  High heels are a requirement and shirts are optional.

here she is in her knit cap and apron giving g-mother The Hand and with her more casual weekend look.


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