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The Hubs and I are really bad at picking names.  You’d think we’d have a better idea after doing it twice already.  With the first it was hard b/c we honestly didn’t like (for us) that many boy names.  When that boy came 6 weeks early we at least had it narrowed down a little bit, but the Dude was more adamant about “his” name than I was about mine so after some intense negotiation where it was agreed I got to name the next boy, we went with his choice.  Girl names were easier b/c there were more we liked and more we agreed on so that one was at least fairly easy even though we didn’t pin it down until a few weeks before Precious Perfect arrived.  Naming Number 3 is trickier.  We’ve already used up the one boy name we thought was pretty good–at least the one we agree on.  And conveniently our verbal contract on my naming the next boy is being disputed by Dude.

It seems we find ourselves in the same spot as nearly 6 years ago.  I have about 3 name combos I can work with.  hubs has 1 first name he will agree to and the middle name is up for grabs, however he seems pretty set on the one he has picked and its doubtful he would go with another suggestion.  Result- negotiations on naming rights are once again open.

2 weeks to go before No. 3 gets here.   Note, if someone wants the name he has picked then he had better find something good to offer up in exchange.

Aside from all that, still at work.  People are starting to look at me like its painful to see me.  I guess I can understand that.  Random women are soliciting my due date more and more and acting shocked its not say, tomorrow.  Can rarely get through a day where my feet don’t swell out of my shoes.  My hands look like the Man Hands ep of Seinfeld, lovely.  Looking forward to working from home next week so I can  wear yoga pants, a t-shirt and flip flops.  Last Pilates session is tomorrow b/c I just really can’t move that much anymore.  But thank you to my awesome instructor Melanie Nasser who has kept me in line and pain free as I pack on all this extra weight.  It has made a huge difference.

Car update: for that wider vehicle looks like we may be able to go with the Infiniti JX (test drive tk) and avoid a monstrous big SUV for now.    That is, at least until Little Dude gets too big for the third row.  Maybe then we swap him up front and put Precious Perfect in the back?  Somehow I feel she would not stand for that.  Another problem for another day, thank goodness.

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